Dartanyon’s Year…An Overview

Posted on September 24, 2010.

Hello everyone it been a while since I have updated the site. I have a lot to talk about.

My first semester at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland was great. I met a lot of interesting people and made a bunch of new friends. I did well in all three of my classes – Philosophy, English and Algebra. Philosophy was my favorite class by far. I love asking thinking through deep questions and issues of life.

My Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays were wonderful. I spent a lot of time with my family and got the chance to go to a Cavs game with Leroy while he was home. It was my first professional basketball game. I couldn’t really see everything that was going on down on the court, but it was a pretty cool atmosphere. It was good to witness Cleveland’s last winning season. (Thanks, LeBron!)

In my second semester of college, I took Ethics, Intro to Logic and Criminal Justice. I liked them all a lot. I am still very determined about getting my law degree, and there’s nothing that can stop me from achieving my goal.
In addition to school, I started training in the sport of judo. After my trip to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado last fall, I was inspired to give it a try. There is some cross-over from wrestling, but also a lot of new things to learn. I trained three times a week at a club that was nice enough to waive my dues. I really love it. In January, I earned my green belt. It’s a long way from a black belt but it’s a start. I made the goal of participating in Paralympics competitions one day. Little did I know that goal was closer than I thought. Keep reading!

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