Leroy’s Playing Games in Class

Posted on September 24, 2010.

Sorry about the hold up on the updates, but I have been swamped with written work. Lol I’m just kidding bout the written part – I’m in design school!

Life been great here in Arizona, and I love my classes.  My first term, I took Intro to Drawing and Design.  A sample assignment is to draw a picture of a square, then draw it 3d, then draw it in perspective.  It is not as challenging to me as it might be for some because my brain just works that way.

Leroy & Dylan Birthday

The other class I found fun was Intro to Game Design. In that class we learned the history of video games. Did you know the first video game was titled “Tennis for two” and it was first created in the year 1958?  That is where Pong got its idea.  For two weeks of the class, my classmates and I tested video games to study how they were made and look for glitches.  I got to play video games in class.  Sweet!

I also had a Life Skills & College Transitions class.  There actually is a lot of written work in that.  Writing is not my favorite thing.

My second term was harder.  A lot of computer classes using programs that I didn’t know.  So I had to learn to use the programs at the same time I was learning to do the assignments.  A lot of kids already knew them, but I’ve done all my design work on paper up to this point.  But I stayed late a lot to get extra help and I made it through.

As for my life outside of class, that is going really well too.  I decided not to have a roommate, and it was a good decision.  I love living by myself and having a space of my own.  I have two bedrooms and made the second room into an office where I have a drafting desk and where I do all of my design work.  I love the fact that I can go to class and not worry about a roommate eating my pork chops.  Ha ha ha.  I have made a lot of friends from all over the world, and I have them over to work on our group projects.

All my grades are good so far.  I hope to publish some of my art on this website.

Thanks for keeping up with Dartanyon and I.

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  1. Jeff Zaniewski says:

    Young dude!

    I am a special ed. teacher in Las Vegas. I show your espn movie to my students every year. It is amazing to watch the faces of even my “tough guy” students as they watch you and Dartanyon cope with the challenges you face in your lives. The idle classroom chatter comes to a halt as they watch you charge the wrestling mat, and they focus on your story intently watching every move, listening to every word.
    You and Dartanyon touch my students lives and inspire them in a way no teacher could ever do.
    I plan on making the drive down to Tempe to meet you, and hope you will have a few minutes to spend with me. Look out for a fat old white guy that may feel the need to give you a hug. I am sure I will recognize you.
    Thanks, Mr. Z.

  2. Hello Leroy,
    Wow!!!!! I have been trying to follow you guys ever since the story came to television. You two have been such an inspiration to me and my students as well. My students are always in awe, after watching your video. I don’t know exactly why but ever since I watched the video for the first time, I wished that I knew you guys, for I felt a closeness to you both. I would love to try to get you all to come to my school district and talk with the students and staff. All would be touched and benefit from that experience. Congrats on continuing your education, I have to daughters in college as well. I AM SO PROUD of YOU BOTH. Like I told Dartanyon, I would love to be come a pen pal with you all. So please keep my posted as to the many leaps and bounds that you make in life.

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