Wrestlers Reach Out…and Push Up

Posted on September 24, 2010.

Episcopal Wrestling team

The brotherhood of wrestling extends far beyond the mat, and Leroy and Dartanyon found an extended family at Episcopal High School in Jacksonville, Florida.  Deeply touched by Carry On, Episcopal head wrestling coach Norm Wein showed the segment to his team, and together they desired to help.  The team of 40 wrestlers organized a Push-Up-A-Thon.  For more than a month, they trained and secured pledges for each push-up they would do in a minute’s time.  The big day came last November –  the Episcopal wrestlers busted out hundreds of push-ups and collected $7300!!   Needless to say, we are all humbly blown away by their generosity, their creativity and their commitment to give of themselves to help another.  Kids helping other kids is a beautiful thing!

Please take a look at the Florida Times-Union’s article on the event, as well as Leroy and Dartanyon’s personal thank you notes they wrote to the Episcopal wrestling team.

Newspaper link:  http://jacksonville.com/news/columnists/mark_woods/2009-11-13/story/high_school_wrestlers_push_ups_carry_a_purpose

Letters from Leroy & Dartanyon

Mr. Norm Wein,

Thank you for keeping your kids in shape and doing it for a good cause.  During our high school careers,  physical fitness was and still is a very important thing to us.   I wish Dartanyon and I could come and do push-ups alongside you all.  It is an honor to have your athletes looks to us for motivation. Feels like a dream actually.

We also would like to thank you for conducting this fund raiser for Dartanyon and my education.  Getting to go to college is another dream I wasn’t sure would come true but now it is.  On our high school team, we had many wrestlers who couldn’t afford their own wrestling shoes.  So we would switch shoes with our teammates in between matches.  Still, we felt richly blessed because of the bond of brotherhood we all shared.  I hope the wrestling team at Episcopal knows that bond too.  Even though Dartanyon and I have graduated, we feel like we are still receiving so much from the wrestling world thanks to your fundraiser.

We send our strength to you all from Cleveland.    We want to thank you .  Keep up the good work .

-Leroy Sutton


Dear Mr. Norm and Wrestling Team Brothers,

First of all I want to apologize for not being in touch sooner.  I’ve been having computer problems.  I have wanted to thank you all for your amazing support of Leroy and me.  I also think it’s awesome that you’re using an athletic event to do so. Words cannot describe my gratitude for your desire and for how much effort you have been putting into the Push-Up-A-Thon. It’s not just because you’re making a contribution to our education that I am so grateful, it’s much more than that. You’re helping to give Leroy and me a chance that very rarely comes for teens our age especially coming from a Cleveland public school. You are giving us a chance to go to college, something most of my classmates will never get to do.  You are giving us the chance to reach our goals and make our dreams into a reality without the worry of how we can pay for them.  And for that, thanks again from the bottom of my heart.  We can’t wait to hear about the event.

Yours Truly,


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