Dartanyon Crockett didn’t just carry Leroy Sutton. He wants those who have yet to meet him to know another important facet of his life: he can also carry a tune. Dartanyon’s vocal abilities are broad. He seamlessly pivots from hip hop to gospel to pop to freestyle rap. A proud member of his church choir in Cleveland, he frequently performs solos. His favorite – “His Eye is on the Sparrow,” which he sings in memory of his mother, Juanita, who passed away when Dartanyon was eight years old. In July 2013, he will be competing in the Colorado’s Got Talent regional competition.

Despite his limited vision, Dartanyon has always had a passion for sports and competition. In addition to being a two-time Senate league champion in wrestling, he also set an Ohio State record as a member of the Lincoln-West High School power lifting team, dead lifting 585 pounds in March 2009. At that meet, he was the overall state runner up in his weight class. He also ran track, high jumped and played football.


In March 2010, Dartanyon moved to Colorado Springs to train for Paralympic judo. Though recruited to prepare for the 2016 Games, Dartanyon picked up the sport quickly and instead qualified for the 2012 London Games. Simply unheard of to learn a new sport and earn such a spot in two short years! In London, competing against athletes who had trained for this moment since childhood, Dartanyon turned the judo world upside down, clawing his way to a bronze medal.

Dartanyon is in his first year at Pikes Peak Community College, pursuing a degree in social work. Volunteering at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind has awoken a desire in him to give back to disadvantaged communities. “I would like to make a difference be it in small or grand proportion,” he says.

Dartanyon is a big fan of the television show “Family Guy,” but please don’t hold that against him.