leroyIf you don’t know who Loki is, ask Leroy Sutton. And then be prepared for a long answer. (The short answer: Loki is a figure in Norse mythology, and a relation to Thor.) Whether he took on some of Loki’s storied strength is a matter of speculation, but Leroy did set an Ohio state record in bench press as part of the Lincoln-West power lifting team. His lift: 315 pounds. In 2010, he competed at the World Paralympic Power lifting Championships in Malaysia, finishing tenth.

Whether it be lifting or reading or playing electric guitar, Leroy is even more active off the wrestling mat than he is on it. Blessed with a bountiful imagination and a restless sense of wonder, one of his deepest passions is art. His sketchbook is the proof, where he draws characters that he creates himself.  Leroy graduated from Collins College in August 2013 with a B.A. in video game production. His areas of expertise are 3-D modeling and character art.  He is currently employed in the gaming industry.