WRUW 91.1 Radio Interview – Cleveland

Posted on November 11, 2009.

Leroy and Dartanyon were recently interviewed on WRUW-FM 91.1 (Cleveland).

Listen to the program here:



















2 Responses to “WRUW 91.1 Radio Interview – Cleveland”

  1. Sally Jo says:

    ESPN, Mo’Nique television show and now radio!! Both of you sounded great and if was so nice they included a picture of you Dartanyon in the studio. How is it to be miles apart though? Know you must have the same cell phone company for those minutes. As Karl and I watch the NBA and Cleveland in particular, we can’t help but think of your descriptions of meeting LeBron. Hope all is going well with school Dartanyon and look forward to hearing what classes you’ll get to take your first quarter Leroy. Happy Thanksgiving to you both and your coach as well. “Knowing” you both keeps Karl and I smiling!

  2. Sally Jo says:

    A belated Happy Thanksgiving to both of you. Hopefully you were with friends and family, sharing good company, food, laughter and smiles. Hoping school continues to go well. How are your classes Leroy? Any snow yet in Cleveland? A moot point for you this year Leroy….

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