So Much To Be Thankful For, by Dartanyon

Posted on November 26, 2013.

This last month has been incredible. So much has happened. In October, I was honored by the Challenged Athlete’s Foundation as their 2013 Most Inspirational Athlete.  I received travel grants from CAF in the past but did not have direct interaction with them until this past October.  The best part of the trip was that Lisa and Leroy were able to join me. We were all flown out to San Diego, California for the awards ceremony.  The next day, CAF held their 20th annual triathlon for athletes with disabilities.  So amazing to see what people can do with the right support and equipment.  Lisa, Leroy and I were so inspired that we signed up to compete as a relay team for next year’s triathlon.  The only problem is that we can’t decide who is going to do the swimming portion of it.  Leroy is going to do the hand cycle.  Lisa and I are fighting over who will run.  She’s a better runner, but I keep telling her that black people don’t swim – they just sink.  At least I do!

Another great thing about going to San Diego is that I got to meet a half-brother of mine for the first time.  His name is Desean, and he is eight months older than I am.  We have the same father, but I just learned about DeSean last summer.  While I was in San Diego, I was able to meet his side of the family and catch up on things.  It was awesome.  For Thanksgiving this year, we are flying to Cleveland together so that he can meet our dad and my side of the family for the first time.  I haven’t told my dad, so he’ll be crazy surprised, just like I was when Leroy showed up in London.  Wish ESPN were there to film that reaction!

During the past few weeks I have been limited in judo due to my shoulder being hurt.  High school powerlifting and judo have worn down the AC joint a bit.  There aren’t many options to fixing it, outside of surgery.  And I wasn’t excited to have another surgery, so I received a Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection.  PRP stimulates your body’s own healing response; hopefully it works!  I had it done in Boston in mid-November, which gave me a pretty good excuse to go see Lisa and her family for a weekend.

I’ve been on an incredible journey with Lisa and Leroy, and it’s far from over. Again, I want to express my thanks to all of you for your support and love.  You continue to change my life.

Dartanyon wins Challenged Athlete's Foundation 2013 Most Inspiration Athlete

Dartanyon wins Challenged Athlete’s Foundation 2013 Most Inspiration Athlete


Two dapper boys with one handsome trophy.

Two dapper boys with one handsome trophy.



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