Dartanyon’s Winter Adventures

Posted on February 5, 2014.

Hello Carry On Family,

The have been some interesting events over the past few months that I am excited to share with you all.  First, on January 23rd, I was awarded the Greater Cleveland Amateur Athlete of the Year Award.  It was an honor to even be nominated, but to win…wow.  I grew up hearing about those awards but never imagined being allowed in the door let alone up on stage.  Ironically, my roommate at the Olympic Training Center, Jason, was also nominated.  He is a fencer from Elyria, Ohio.  Sorry Jason!

Over Christmas, Uncle Bob and Aunt Paige took Leroy and me skiing in Winter Park, Colorado.  I took to it fairly easy, and it is something I definitely want to do again.  I think it’s my new favorite winter activity after sitting inside.  Leroy had the harder job on the mono ski.  And he wasn’t used to the altitude like I am either.  The only downside which really isn’t much, is that because of it being an adaptive ski program, I had to wear a “Blind Skier Bib.” All it does is rob you of your dignity.  I will not be wearing that again.  They also surprised us by flying Lisa out to watch us.  Super awesome.

I also received a saxophone for Christmas from Aunt Paige and Uncle Bob. It has been an instrument that I have always wanted to play but just never had the means to afford it. I have been playing it pretty much every day since I got it. I am making progress but I still have a long way to go. My roommate, Jason, plays and is helping me along the way.  YouTube has also been a huge help.

I am back to training and school has started.  I am taking two classes again, Philosophy and Psychology.  It’s weird, but I am actually excited for school.  Really loving it.  Thank you all again for your love and support.



Not liking this ski bib.

Really not liking this ski bib.

Thank you Aunt Paige and Uncle Bob!

Thank you Aunt Paige and Uncle Bob!

Leroy was The Man on that monoski.  Really admire him.

Leroy was The Man on that monoski. Really admire him.

Maybe Lisa and ESPN will do a skiing feature on us next.  Ha!

Maybe Lisa and ESPN will do a skiing feature on us next. Ha!


P.S. From Lisa –

I was gifted with the opportunity to fly out and see Leroy and Dartanyon ski for the first time.  (Thank you Bob and Paige!!)  We couldn’t have asked for a better ski day – fresh powder, warm sun, zero wind and our own adaptive guides.  Heaven.  Leroy and Dartanyon looked quite chic in their new ski gear.  It took over an hour for Leroy to be properly fitted in a mono ski, particularly to find poles with arm bands big enough to fit over his bulging biceps! He looked a little unsure of the whole thing, but once out on the snow, he was a natural.  His guides said they had never before see a mono skier do what he was able to do on his first day.  Hardly surprising to the rest of us, as it is Leroy.

Dartanyon had the easier time on the slopes but a harder time with wardrobe.  As he mentioned, he had to wear a bib that said “Blind Skier” in some of the biggest black letters you’ve ever seen, to alert other skiers who might assume he can easily seem them coming.  After a few hours of good laughs at his expense, we decided that next time in solidarity, we will all wear ski bibs broadcasting our greatest limitation. But Dartanyon was fantastic, a natural, as always.

More mountains moved in this idyllic day.

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