Leroy’s 2013 Holiday Highlights

Posted on February 5, 2014.

Happy Belated New Year, Peeps!  Ha ha!

This holiday season was amazing.  No, not because I received gifts – I have never been that kid. I was surrounded by some of my favorite people. Christmas Eve, I was with my Arizona family: Alicia, Patrick, Dylan, and Marleigh.  I invited one of my best friends over to spend the holidays with us as well. I woke up to the most beautiful faces on Christmas day – everyone had a smile. The kids were happy, Pat and Alicia were happy, and I was surrounded by love so I was ecstatic. I was also very tired since I never usually get much sleep around Christmas. So after we opened presents, I fell back to sleep. We went across the street to Aunt Kathy’s house for dinner with the family.  After a wonderful dinner, I headed to karaoke with my friends Riot and Chris.  We sang our butts off.

After a night of karaoke, I woke up early to go to Colorado to see  Aunt Paige and Uncle Bob.  Unfortunately there was an accident on the highway, leaving Uncle Bob stuck in traffic. It would have taken him hours to get to me at the airport in Denver, but only 45 minutes for me to get to him. Aunt Paige got me a ride, I hopped in the car and popped on Kickass 2. When the movie was done I was getting out of the car at Qdoba. I greeted Uncle Bob with a hug. With each second of our embrace, he felt every emotion I felt since we had last hugged. I got a burrito then got in his car to head to the house.

Instantly, when we got in the car he asked something like “What did you get yourself into?”  The entire car ride home, I buried his ears in issues. Hopes, worries, problems, flaws (that I have), and the most important ones: love and life.

We got home in one piece and were greeted at the garage door by the angel of hugs, Aunt Paige. When I hugged her it was a different embrace from hugging Uncle Bob, but still filled with many of the same emotions. Her hug radiated pure love and at the climax of the hug Uncle Bob put his hand on my head. Instantly, I felt…. safe. Then he said, “Come on Jabba the Butt” and I nearly died with laughter. Both Uncle Bob and I melted into the couch…. (WHAT?? Don’t you look at me like that, it was a long car ride). We watched a few shows and movies. Aunt Paige made the most amazing and healthy meal I have ever had. (When I got back to Arizona, I wanted to puke every time I smelled fat.) We then ate dinner, enjoyed some quality time, then off to bed.

The next day, Aunt Paige made a tasty but healthy breakfast and we got the day started… I read for a few hours because I don’t really get many chances for complete and utter silence.  After a few hours of being glued to the couch with my eyes stapled to my kindle, I finally moved… I had to potty! (LOL) After that, Aunt Paige and I had a heart-to-heart talk

Then the petite beautiful flower by the name of Monica, came to give us massages. She worked through TWENTY-THREE YEARS of pain, hatred, tension, and loss. I felt as if she turned a mountain into a beach. I felt as if I was a new guy when I got back upstairs, very slowly.

The next day, Aunt Paige went to pick up Dartanyon in Denver.  There were some hitches with travels and traffic.  They made it back around midnight, and when I got to the garage, I grew suspicious.  I saw Dar and Aunt Paige and someone else.  I said, “What’s up, bro…And come out from behind the car little white lady.”  Our surprise was Lisa!  Her birthday present was a surprise trip to Colorado. We weren’t supposed to know about it, but I’m the world’s greatest detective. She tried to hide behind the car so I would not see her.

Even though I just had a life changing massage, Lisa can see through to my soul. The embrace of a mother is what I always look forward to. When I was in therapy last year, I came to the conclusion that I have mommy and daddy issues, which resulted in trust issues toward everyone.  In 2009, Lisa pierced the metal, stone, and ice I coated my heart with. I know I have a mother, but destiny made a very strange family out of Dartanyon, Lisa and me.  I felt safer than ever before, in the arms of Lisa. The hug ended after my momentary loss of reality and existence, and I took some of the groceries to the kitchen.

The next morning we found out that we were signed up for skiing. Dar had to wear a bib that said BLIND SKIER.  I was on one ski with a seat on it, kind of like a unicycle.  The guides were surprised I did as well as I did my first time, skiing. I had a crap ton of fun on that mountain: nice powder, freaking great wipe outs, and watching Lisa run down the mountain to get pictures of me.

Wipe out quietly or take out everyone with me?  That was my biggest question of the day as I was shredding the mountain.  I chose wipe out without victims of course, so I dipped and dodged every person on the slopes, but by doing that I hit a pole in the ground. That was my worst wipe out.  Another wipe out happened when I was learning to stop.  I was shredding once again, tried to stop but ended up coming closer and closer to Aunt Paige. I went over the back of her skis, dodging her.

The rest of the visit I would like to keep to myself.  You know, memories that are all family things: deep conversations, family movies, Dar and I beating ourselves in pool (billards).  He is up by three games by the way.  I will have to play for a million years to beat Uncle Bob.

Took nearly two hours to be properly fitted for my first monoski

Took nearly two hours to be properly fitted for my first monoski

Look out mountain, here I come.

Look out mountain, here I come.

Enjoying the slopes with Dar and Lisa

Enjoying the slopes with Dar and Lisa

Uncle Bob and Aunt Paige

Uncle Bob and Aunt Paige

It's a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life


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  1. Keep up the amazing works guys. I’ve included you guys on our blogroll.

  2. Elizabeth Connor says:

    “…a crap ton of fun.”
    That made me laugh out my tea all over my shirt! I’m so stealing that phrase. On top of everything else, you have a way with words. Thanks for the great report!

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