Inspiring Communities to Carry On

In November, Leroy, Dartanyon and I went home.  We returned to our Ohio roots, invited by the Stark County United Way with the mission of helping grow their mentoring programs.  We enjoy sharing our story, but what we love even more is encouraging others to live it out in their own communities.  We had the privilege of speaking to more than 600 Canton-area residents about the power of one caring person.  Leroy and Dartanyon spoke candidly about the pain of their childhoods and how a committed support system has enabled them to embrace both love and opportunity.  We charged those in attendance to see past differences and into possibility, to step out of their comfort zone and invest in young lives.  As a result, several hundred individuals contacted the United Way about mentoring opportunities.

The next morning, Leroy, Dartanyon and I addressed 500 high school students, most from impoverished backgrounds.  Leroy and Dartanyon talked about knowing the power of one’s personal story.  For so many years, they considered their pasts as circumstances to be hidden and shamed.  They have since learned the benefit of sharing their struggles with mentors and teachers, thereby opening themselves up to assistance.  They shared their difficulties with trust, with forgiveness, with hopelessness and stood as examples that beautiful things can emerge from broken pieces.

Events like these are the result of your support throughout the years, as we can now take all that has been generously given to us and give back to those in need.  Throughout this holiday season, we give thanks for how you have embraced us and inspired us to keep on Carrying On.

Please click here to see a photo gallery of the Stark County United Way Mentoring Drive.

Blessed Christmas to You,


Thank you Canton for such a warm welcome!

Thank you Canton for such a warm welcome!

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